22nd August 2017


Don’t get me started on these bitching students complaining about canteen prices, the burgers at Redstar are $8-$16 dollars where as the canteen burgers cost $5.00.

Don’t get me started on people complaining about medicine being too expensive, its just good business strategies and its medicine if people really cared about the people that need it they would create the same medicine under a different product name.

Don’t get my started on people against capital punishment, without it murders would just spend the rest of their sad lives behind bars and even if it is not a life sentence do people really want a murder back out on the streets.

Don’t get me start on New Zealand’s hating tourist, without tourism the economy wouldn’t be how it is today with tourism contributing NZ$24Billion in international and domestic tourism, making it the most profitable industry.

Without testing on animals which are usually relatively safe practices we will be unable to know if it is safe for humans, would u rather a 5-year-old dog getting harmed by a test or a 1-year-old baby being damaged by a product.

Drink driving is an unavioidable slippery slope of open alcohol consumption that any adult can do, the only way drink driving can be full avoided is the ban of alcohol country wide.






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