5th September 2017

Exam Practise

Analyse how tension was created to highlight one or more themes.

Gattaca, a film directed by Andrew Niccol is a futuristic 1940’s aesthetic film about beating the odds, in this dystopia, good genetics is in high demand, parents choose their children’s genetics and anyone with genetic faults are looked down on. Vince, the main actor was always obsessed by travelling to outer space but was unable to join the space team due to a heart problem, so in an effort to make it to space he purchases the genetics of

Jerome crawling up the stairs builds tension with uncertainty. This builds tension as they build a cliffhanger of if he will be able to pretend to be himself to protect Vincent from his brother. This is done by the use of dramatic music well he attempts the stairs and cut scenes of his brother driving quickly towards the house. This is used to keep the watcher in suspense and builds the theme of striving against Jerome’s limits, and that “there is no gene for the human spirit”




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