14th February 2017


I was born on the 4th of march 2000 in dunedin and lived my whole life in wanaka, when i was 11 years old i caught gonidia which caused me to wake up scream in the night because it felt like people where stabbing me in my stomach, this went on for about a week before i got taken by my parents to dunedin hospital and after heavy antibiotics i was better. 2 years later i found myself back at dunedin hospital after having stomach problems, where they put me to sleep and took a piece of my stomach to use for testing, the test results came back that i was celiac, a disease that causes me to be unable to eat gluten and there’s no known cure for it yet so it looks to be that i will but forever unable to eat a pie without stomach pains.


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  1. I think one day your autobiography could be entitled “Life Without Pies”. Thanks for this introduction piece. Definitely consider the approach we talked about in class where you select a moment from your history to describe in intimate detail, taking into account all the sounds, sights, smells, touch and tastes.

    Nice to meet you in writing, Bradley.



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