10th March 2017

Analysis Essay

The importance of text language is that it is efficient well still getting the point across and can be used in a different ways to get across points in different ways.

This is by getting the point across with small amounts of letters but enough to understand, it is also used for things such as sound effects to emphasise a point. in my transcript “Niiiice veri nice” is used to emphasise a point, not that it is actually a good thing but is used to be sarcastic and to humiliate, he does this by repeating letters and miss spelling words on purpose to change the sounding of it. An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase or a word. In my texting convo we used unsluggy which is used as a different word as unlucky but changed to add comedic properties.

Another way we use language in the transcript is how we use insults such as retard or dipshit, we use it in a negative term but ortho we say it when do not actually think of each other as retards or dipshits, we use the language in a negative term but not to offend each other but in a joking sense.

In conclusion ortho text language can seem stupid or lazy to people that don’t understand it but it is to many a faster and more efficient way of talking to each other, because of the fast pace life of most people text language has been adapted to help people spend less time talking well this getting their point across. i believe that text language is something in human nature which is to be more efficient.

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  1. You clearly understand the linguistic mechanisms behind the way we modify our language when we text. The step for you to follow now is to organise your analysis more formally.

    I suggest you start with a clearer hypothesis at the beginning. “We do with our language when we text because .

    Then I suggest you deal with each effect separately. Deal with efficiency via brevity first and then move to the communication of sound to enrich the meaning of what’s texted.

    Let me know if you need further explanation.



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